Viking Beer: An Icelandic Tradition

Vikings are known throughout history as being some of the world’s greatest seafaring explorers, having discovered Iceland in 874 and America in 1000. And as they traveled Nordic and European countries, plundering, pillaging, and trading, they also made time for something we all know and love—beer.

Yes, beer.

It was also this voracious appetite for beer that made them one of the most peace-loving cultures of their time. And much like the Vikings, there’s more to Viking Beer than you might know. When the ban on beer in Iceland was lifted in 1989, Viking Beer quickly rose to the top as one of Iceland’s best-selling brands. Viking is brewed in a small brewery in the remote town of Akureyri, Iceland, just a shade away from the Arctic Circle, making use of the well-known fact that Icelandic water is pure beyond compare. In fact, the water coming down from the mountains around Akureyri is so pure, that Viking Beer doesn’t need to use sophisticated cleaning equipment or chemicals in order to the treat the water before the brewing process.

That means that not only is our beer as cool and crisp as the Arctic Circle itself, it’s cleaner and more refreshing than other beers. Our customers can taste it, and that’s why we dominated the Icelandic market with a share of over 30 percent in 2013. You deserve to feel like a Viking at heart. You deserve to drink like one too. You deserve Viking Beer..